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Starting Fresh

I'm not giving up on GR yet (though I'm certainly limiting my use).  But there is a certain point when you just need to have a fresh start.  On GR I have over 1,000 books shelved already, most based on the few shelves I started with.  I don't typically write reviews, because it has either been said before (and usually better) and I'm nervous of how my reviews will compare.


I'm using Booklikes as a chance at a fresh start.  A chance to change how I shelve my books, getting more detailed so I can find what I want when I want it.  I want to use this as a chance to write my reviews, and try not to worry as much about how it compares to other reviews.  I want to use this blog to talk about the themes and book observations that I keep to myself.  


If I write my goals down (and hit the post button), then I have a way to challenge myself to do better.  It is a chance to improve myself for myself.